we are the same.

Mao Hin: S.Q.S.P.


Hey beautiful,
How’s you doin’ lil’ ma?! It took me a while to get your letter cuz it went to a different building. It was still going to my old cell when I was house in the hole – but I got out last week – I’m slowly getting my program right. Alot has change since I left to do my shu term (?) – there more new staff here now I guess they kick out all the old staff due to the cell phone crack down. I’m already hating these new mutherfucker!

The program here only get worse cuz they expect us inmates to follow the rules but they don’t follow their own rules! The funny thing about that is I came to prison becuz I broke the rules and sentence to die so what are they gonna do kill me? HaHa… This is what I told them when I went to my committee hearing last week when they deny me a yard program. There alot of ass kissing in that committee room.

They won’t allow me to program on the group yard anymore becuz committee say I’m a risk to other inmates out there and I have too much prior of going to the hole – which is hella stupid if you ask me – cuz number one I’m on death-row and every inmates thats on my yard are a killer or a serial killer and for them to say I’m a risk they can fuck themself with this program –

I don’t really care much about the program here anyway, I don’t have much to look forward to – cuz I don’t get visit or use the phone and now I don’t have a group yard to go to so I won’t be able to kick it with the homey anymore. :(

Anyway, on a brighter note I’m doing okay! :p   I miss hearing from you and to finally get your reply really brought a kool-aid smile to my days! :)   I’m not sure if you heard but we was on quarantine for (2wks) here due to a dealy flu thats been flowing around – some inmate die from it and it was a funny sight cuz for 20 minutes they just surround his body and then they decide to do CPR on him, it was more comedy then helpful. :p

It’s valentine’s tomorrow and I wish you a happy valentines day?! :)   Time sure fly by, huh? I really hope you have a wonderful out there :)

I like the idea of you putting me on your website. I’m cool with it. I’m not sure why you even ask me that :) I don’t have a problems answering your questions and I look forward to seeing your finish webpage.

Nah, California hasn’t abolish the DP [death penalty] just yet but it’ll be back on the ballot in 2yrs I think by then it will pass cuz the court has already denied every lethal drug protocol in California court. There just wasting tax payer money.

Anyway, I really want to send this out to you todays so I’m going to end short for now – until next time my beautiful friend continue to keep your chin up & smile :)!!
“life to short to think about the whats if or what not, it’s more enjoyable to live life and knows that you can”… Mao Hin-

-take care of yourself love-
Mao Hin

P.S. I look forward to your letter & new pics
*smile* :)


To write to Mao:

Please leave links with your comment if there is an article, poem, piece of visual art, story etc. that you think you would appreciate being sent if you were confined & I will enclose it for Mao.


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