we are the same.

So tell me the ‘Dark Angel’ story…

Is it recording?

You wanna hear the ‘Dark Angel’, not the ‘First Smoke’?

Well I’m intrigued now.

I’d be more enthu… well okay, okay. Fair enough.
Ahhh it was about four years ago,  just before I was going to head to Australia. Again. And.. ahhh… it was around Halloween and I was just at home by myself, in bed, just laying there about to sleep and I hear my cat going crazy downstairs.

What’s your cat’s name?

Neko, Yeah she’s a bit of a… she’s a good cat. Kind of like the one we have here. But yeah, she’s just going crazy downstairs like I’ve never heard before, like she was getting killed or attacked basically. So ahh that kind of just woke me up, but I thought nothing of it I didn’t get out of bed or anything and then about thirty seconds later… I hear a door open and I hear this yelling and all this commotion downstairs and im like “uggh, what’s going on?”.
I was just thinking, oh my sister has just brought her drunk friends home, but she didn’t live at my place at the time, so just like – hey, kind of weird but whatever, I’ll just try to ignore it & get back to sleep.  And it just keeps on going. Okay what is this? So I finally roll out of bed, I’m on the top floor.

Could you understand what they were saying? Or just like mumbling?

Just kind of just nonsense – if it was my sister’s friends they would have been more probably considerate than that.

So I just opened my door, turn the corner and … I see this guy dressed in a ‘Dark Angel’ costume, laying at the top of my staircase yelling “KILL ME, KILL ME!”.


And so I’m like, oh my goodness, like what, first thing I do is like go to this… Because I have everything packed for Australia, like I’m ready to go, I don’t have a cellphone at this time and all of our landlines were downstairs so I couldn’t call 911 right away or anything.
So I go in the backroom & I just grab like a Leatherman (which is like a utility knife & I just kind of had that behind my back a bit) & ahh… so he’s just at the top… he wasn’t really threatening & it’s like one of the first nights I brought my dog upstairs too just to sleep with me. Because she usually just sleeps downstairs by herself, but I was home alone, I was just like oh she’ll come upstairs. So she was chill & I kept her in the room & then… I was just, what is this… like freaking out, this guy was at the top of my stairs, he’s yelling “KILL ME!” I thought he was suicidal, he wasn’t like moving really that much…

Was he just saying it, or was he saying it to you?

He was saying it to me, he was saying it to me. I didn’t really feel threatened but at the same time your holding a knife by your side. So I was just like this guy is crazy, he’s like suicidal or something like that, he’s messed up on somethin’. So anyways I kind of calmed myself down & tried to like talk to him & be like “Hey, you need to get outta here!” & that went on for a while, I had no access to a phone.

Anyways he’d begun to like roll down – slide down the staircase, he never stood up at any point while I was there or it would have been a different story.
He finally got to the bottom of the staircase, still no access to a phone. & he starts trying to puke, he’s sticking his hands like, fingers down his throat trying to puke, he’s like not puking but like that saliva, like thick saliva is just like dripping out of his mouth… & then, this is the point where I’m just like yelling at him to get out, because it was it my fault because I did leave one of the doors open.


But I kinda… my area’s in the suburbs & it’s you know kind of a good area, so I don’t expect this type of stuff to happen. 
Finally I got him to go outside & that’s when I called 911. I ran to the phone, locked all the doors, called 911 because there’s a family with young kids across the street, so I just tried calling them, just to be like:
“k, there’s this crazy guy, like going up to doors & stuff.”
 Anyway I was in the middle of that – 911 put me on hold basically – then 911 came & intercepted the phone call & I talked to them, they were like:
 “what happened?” 
& I told this whole thing.
“do you have a weapon on you?”
 “yeah, I do”
“put it down”
“no, I’m not”


Anyways he goes across the street, I’m still watching him, then he starts coming back to my house, walks up my front lawn & then he starts running at my door, trying to break down the door, slamming on the door.
At this point I’m still on 911 &… they’re like:

“is that him in the background?”
“you can hear that”
“Yeah! K you’re number one priority”
“Yeah he’s trying to break into my house right now”
& they kept going like:
“do you have a weapon on you”
“Yes I do – I’m not putting it down”

Fuck – If I put this one down I’m going to get another one.

mmmm something that would cause more damage too.
So he’s still like just slamming at my doorway & then… a little later on he finally just walked onto the street & that’s when I see like 5 cop chasers, just come roaring down the street.


They weren’t that fast, I’m talking this is like 15 minutes later & he’s still trying to get in but it’s a pretty solid door, so…

Could you see him trying to get in, or did you move so he couldn’t see you?

No I got big windows, I could see him. So the cops finally came & they came to my door &…
I regret, one of my regrets is he left his wallet & I never looked, I never looked in his wallet, because I was just like, k this is kinda evidence I guess, so I never… I should have gotten a name though because I could’ve Facebook-ed him & like could’ve done something like that. But I just was…
… you’re in a different state of mind when all this is going on.


So yeah, they finally got him & I didn’t want to press charges really, he didn’t do anything to me.
He was just messed up, so they took him to the drunk-tank. But yeah the next day I could just see these hand marks all over my door, just stuff like that & it was crazy to be honest.
That’s my dark angel story.

That’s pretty tight.


Would that be your weapon of choice, a knife?

Ahh…I don’t know, I’d probably go with a baseball bat.


A blunt weapon, I could do more damage, plus I could stay a little farther away from them.

Not a hockey stick, instead of a baseball bat?

No, hockey sticks will break, a baseball bat – we have metal baseball bats around so like I can just swing
& swing
& swing.
And have no problem.



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