we are the same.

Yours truly, ‘Shithead’

Dear Mrs.Poole: The world is a bed of pain, people suffer terribly, few of us believe in God or bring up our children very well; you’re right about that. It … Continue reading

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Mao Hin: S.Q.S.P.

Hey beautiful, How’s you doin’ lil’ ma?! It took me a while to get your letter cuz it went to a different building. It was still going to my old … Continue reading

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So tell me the ‘Dark Angel’ story…

Is it recording? You wanna hear the ‘Dark Angel’, not the ‘First Smoke’? Well I’m intrigued now. I’d be more enthu… well okay, okay. Fair enough. Ahhh it was about … Continue reading

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deceased & taxidermied – 2012 There is something fantastic & pure about the white peacock. This is by far the most popular, and perhaps the most beautiful, of all the … Continue reading

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